Our programs are designed to help black girls on their coming of age journey from girl to womanhood. They will be gifted with information that every woman deserves to have right from the start. We will explore their transition into puberty with lessons taught in an open, fun and healthy way. We will teach them what they need to know to feel prepared, unafraid and have a better understanding of the changes happening with their bodies and minds. Our activities are centered around traditional African ancestral practices that promote self-love and enhance the mind-body connection.  This is a safe space for them to ask questions while having fun and connecting with other girls their age.

By the end of the program, participants will gain:

  • An understanding of changes happening with their minds and bodies.
  • A network of support with friends and instructors.
  • Confidence and resilience that will allow them to express who they really are.
  • A sense of pride in their African ancestry.
  • Tools to establish healthy boundaries for themselves and with others
  • An understanding of how to protect their own energy and why it is important in goal setting
  • An understanding of the importance of choosing positive friend circles.


Movement Practices: African dance, yoga, self expression dance
Circle Time: Meditation, Breathwork, Journaling, Art activities, Q&A
Community Service Projects: Volunteer activities to bring awareness to period poverty and 

Topics Covered:

*Mind-Body Connection
*Body Literacy: Anatomy, Hormonal Awareness, Menstruation
*Understanding Emotions: Joy, Anxiety, Depression
*Defining Mind-Body Sovereignty: How it is gained vs. how it is lost
*Perception of Self:  Self-esteem, Confidence Building, Vulnerability
*Boundaries: Establishing and Fortifying your own
*Sisterhood: Finding positive friend circles, sisterhood wounding and bullying